All persons desiring to do business in a borough or township listed below must obtain a Business Privilege License and must file Business Privilege and/or Mercantile Tax return whether or not tax is due.   Business Privilege Tax applies to the gross receipts of all businesses and/or persons engaged in business and/or provide services within a borough or township except those businesses subject to Mercantile Tax.  New businesses starting after the annual license renewal due date are required to register and obtain a Business Privilege License within 30 days of commencing business within a borough or township.

PLEASE NOTE:  MRRS cannot issue a Business Privilege License unless a completed business privilege license application and payment are received together.  Failure to remit application with payment will delay processing and can result in imposition of late filing penalty. 




Municipal Resource Recovery Systems, LLC provides client driven services specifically focused on the challenges faced at the municipal level and is dedicated to assisting municipalities in maximizing resources.



2023 Business Privilege License & Business Privilege & Mercantile Tax information notices have been mailed to businesses and/or rental property owners for ALL municipalities.

MRRS, LLC recommends all businesses & rental property owners retain a copy of the “Important Message” correspondence received as a reminder of the 2023 tax deadlines, additional notices and/or tax packets will not be mailed.

Please contact MRRS, LLC at (610) 565-1396 if you are unable to print forms and/or did not receive your 2023 Business Privilege License & Tax information notice.

MRRS, LLC Office Hours
Monday – Thursday   9 – 4
Friday  (Appointments Only)   9 – 3
Holiday Hours
  December 25th & January 1st  Closed


MRRS, LLC provides information, owner payoff statements and certification documents for delinquent trash and/or sewer fees, abatements, nuisance and municipal waste liens that are due and owing against a property within the following Delaware County municipalities; Township of Aston, Borough of Darby, Township of Darby, Borough of Folcroft, Borough of Glenolden, Borough of Sharon Hill and Upper Chichester Township.  

HOLIDAY DEADLINE FOR CERTIFICATION REQUESTSALL Certification requests required for closing between December 21st – 28th must be submitted no later than 2PM on Wednesday, December 20th to guarantee receipt by due date.   MRRS offices will be closed December 25th. 

Fee Schedule for Certification Requests

Standard Certification Request:       $  25.00        Date Required – 7 or more business days

Express Certification Request:         $  50.00        Date Required – 4 to 6 business days

Rush* Certification Request              $ 100.00       Date Required –  3 business days or less

NOTE:   Proof of payment must accompany all requests for *Rush Certifications before the request can be processed.   A copy of check may be e-mailed to info@MRRSLLC.com.

Certification Request &
Property Owner Payoff Statements