Borough of Glenolden

The Borough of Glenolden Trash Fees and/or Sewer Rent are included with your Borough taxes each year. If Borough taxes are not paid in full on time to the tax collector, they become delinquent.  Once the Borough taxes become delinquent, the Trash and/or Sewer charges are removed from the total due and the tax portion is forwarded to the Delaware County Tax Claim Bureau.   At that time, the delinquent Trash and/or Sewer Fees are forwarded to MRRS, LLC for collection.

MRRS, LLC currently provides certifications, payoff statements and information for Delinquent Trash and/or Sewer Fees for the Borough of Glenolden for the years 2010 – 2023.

The current Borough of Glenolden Taxes, which includes the current year Trash Fees and/or Sewer Rent can be ascertained by contacting the Borough of Glenolden Tax Collector via e-mail at

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